Speculators and Advisors

Financial Program For Institutions

There is a huge gap between what goes in classrooms and in practice.Our Course uniquely address this gap and enable you to create your own models and makes you at home wherever Fin...

Technical Analysis Workshop

Technical Analysis helps us to understand what others are doing in markets. Alongside Valuations,Technical Analysis is must for the Trader and Financial Analyst.There is nothing be...

Masters In Speculation

If you are sure that you want to live in stock/trading markets then this course is apt for you.You will be with us under our guidance: A mix of one to one and online interaction.To...

Top Articles

Risk is a thing to grow only if one knows how to water it?...



20 Dec, 2017

On Risk Aversion and Risk Seeking

We have been educated to look upon risk as a thing one should avoid. In o...

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13 Dec, 2017

Dirty hands in Field and clean hands in classroms.

There are two approaches we could follow while living our life. First is we do things in practical...

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